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CommuniPet microchip user-guide

How to microchip your pet

1. Purchase the microchip from us directly or any outlet selling our products.
VERY IMPORTANT: if you are unsure whether your pet has been micro chipped before. Please have the pet scanned (visit your closest vet, pet shelter or breeders who have access to scanners).We have scanners that can read both FDX-A and FDX-B compliant chips.

2. Remove the syringe from the sealed package; remove the lid on the needle and the safety plastic situated just in front of the rear end of the syringe. This plastic mechanism prevents the syringe from accidentally releasing the microchip housed in the sterile needle.

3. Always try to have the pet relaxed and calm before inserting the microchip. Slightly raise the pet’s skin between the shoulder blades. Gently insert the needle under the skin deep enough so that the entire opening of the needle penetrates skin.
4. Once you are comfortable with the position of the needle apply pressure to the extreme end so that the microchip is lodged under the skin. (like gently squirting a syringe)
5. Remove the needle and massage the area you have inserted the microchip. Try to feel the chip (like a rice grain) under the skin.
Its best to always have the pet scanned after the chip has been implanted.
6. Now that the microchip has been implanted it’s time to register the pet online. (It is the owner’s responsibility to ensure the pet is registered on line).

Advice from the South African Veterinary Council:

Micro chipping is a veterinary procedure when a veterinary certificate is required and the veterinarian has to positively identify an animal and make a statement to the health aspects of animals. However, currently micro chipping can be performed by breeders if no health certification is required.