Our key objective is to make pet products more affordable and accessible to the broader communities. Focusing on the identification microchips for cats and dogs, we intend to have all dogs & cats in our immediate communities’ microchipped ; registered to our user friendly database and linked to their owners. This is in line with the objectives of the majority of pet shelters; welfare organisations etc and will mitigate many variables involved with missing pets and livestock theft.

CommuniPet microchips have been tested by veterinary practices, breeders, welfare organisations, and were all satisfied with the results. With over 10000 microchips tested not one has failed to be read at various places using different readers. We have conducted this survey and are glad to share the results with you. Our microchips are aligned to international standards.

Why wait until your pets are stolen or goes missing? Let us microchip your pet and link them to our online database.

Communipet – Linking communities!